Cultivating a Community Island Experience

About Zeke’s Island Cafe in Davenport, IA

Owner/operator Jason Stewart started cooking in high school. After graduating, he went to culinary school and then took a seven year apprenticeship. As a creative individual, he found that the culinary world gave him a daily canvas for fresh ideas. He realized he was a start-up person after assisting several associates with the opening of their restaurants. So he decided to start his own entrepreneurial adventure.

After opening a food service business with a high school classmate (which eventually failed), he and his wife decided to regroup and find something they could do that they loved. Combining their passions for traveling and cooking, the idea for Zeke’s Island Cafe was born.

Jason partnered with locals from the Caribbean, Jamaica, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands to establish what types of restaurant cuisine there might be a need for in the area. Thanks to those individuals, as well as friends and family who believed in the idea, he was able to get the place up and running. They opened for business in February of 2014 and ran on volunteer staff for six months before hiring their first employee in August.

Since its inception, community has been at the heart and livelihood of Zeke’s Island Cafe. Zeke's Island Cafe invites locals and relocated islanders alike to experience the taste and feel of the islands by stopping in to our Davenport, IA restaurant today!